ASEAN Policy Network Webinar Series

The ASEAN Policy Network, an initiative under the Southeast Asia Department (SERD) of the Asian Development Bank, hosts two webinar series: the SERD Policy Talk (SPOT) and Learnings for Economic and Policy Analysis (LEAP). Here are the recordings.

SPOT Series

SPOT features conversations on new ideas and development beyond office walls. It aims to inspire people to explore issues outside their normal area of work. It encourages active interaction and debate among the participants with their varied perspectives and approaches.

LEAP Series

LEAP features topics to strengthen the economic and policy analysis skills of SERD staff in preparing research and project documents. It encourages discussion and sharing on the latest developments in the region and the participants' country experiences and perspectives.

Date Title Date Title
4 November 2022

Changing Workforce in the Post-COVID-19 World
This webinar examined the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic and the emerging trends in Southeast Asia's labor markets, particularly for women and the youth, and what needs to be done to ensure a resilient and inclusive workforce in a post-COVID-19 world.

16 December 2021 Lessons from “e-Conomy SEA 2021: Roaring 20s: The SEA Digital Decade"
This webinar looked at the prospects and challenges for the digital decade in ASEAN and the policies needed to support growth.
15 July 2022

Transitioning to a Low-Carbon Economy
This webinar discussed opportunities and the role of various stakeholders to accelerate Southeast Asia’s low-carbon energy transition.

19 August 2021 Sustainable Recovery Pathways in Southeast Asia
This webinar examined Southeast Asia's growth path in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic.
10 June 2022

Strengthening the Agrifood System
This webinar examined the factors that threaten food security in Southeast Asia and how stakeholders can support the agriculture food system in the region.

28 July 2021 COVID-19, Nonperforming Loans, and Cross-border Bank Lending
This webinar explored how international banks respond to a rise in their non-performing loans and those of emerging market borrowers.
25 November 2021 Prospects and Building Resilience of Remittances in Asia
This webinar examined the critical role of remittances as a lifeline for people in the region.
18 May 2021 From Battlefield to Marketplace: Connectivity, Industrialization, and Spatial Convergence in the GMS
This webinar discussed how satellite images over time revealed the impact of ADB investments in the Greater Mekong Subregion's economic corridors.
26 August 2021 Promoting Inclusive Finance
This webinar explored the catalytic role of financial inclusion to attain the SDGs and support more inclusive development.
22 April 2021

Using AI and Satellite to Assess Flooding Impact
This webinar examined the use of earth observation tools to assess flood damage in Banteay Meanchey, Cambodia in October 2020 and Dili, Timor-Leste in April 2021.

29 July 2021 Reshaping Cities in Post-COVID-19 World
This webinar discussed the challenges of cities in battling the impact of COVID-19 and cities' role as job creators and engines of growth.
4 March 2021 Targeting the Poor using Big Data
This webinar examined the application of big data in mapping poverty.
24 June 2021 Focusing on Debt Sustainability
This webinar explored how the pandemic has heightened debt vulnerability in the region and how ADB can support countries keep debt sustainable despite the need to support COVID-19-related spending priorities.
29 April 2021 Reinvigorating the Agro-Processing Industry
This webinar looked at the role of the public and private sectors in reinvigorating the agro-processing industry in Southeast Asia.
25 March 2021 Building Dynamic SMEs
This webinar examined policies and strategies needed to build dynamic and successful SMEs.


26 February 2021 Small Economy Challenges
This webinar discussed how small economies can diversify their economic base and how to better integrate into the regional and global economy.
28 January 2021 Transforming Education
This policy talk examined how COVID-19 has reshaped education and how students and teachers responded to the transition.
1 December 2020 Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership and How It Can Transform the Economies in the Region
This webinar examined RCEP's implications on Southeast Asia's economic trajectory.

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