The program will stimulate investments in projects that benefit air quality such as greenhouse gas reduction in energy, agriculture, transport, industrial, and urban development, among other sectors.

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New ADB study says rail project will help fill gaps in the labor market by closing the distance between job seekers and job opportunities.

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Accelerating EV adoption is expected to help decarbonize the transport sector as well as attract investments.

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This report analyzes the positive and negative impacts of shifting to electric vehicles from internal combustion engines vehicles.

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The project will reduce greenhouse gas emissions by an estimated 18,900 tons of carbon dioxide equivalent a year.

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Incorporating environmental, social, and governance norms in planning and offering incentives for fund raising, among ways to add more green projects.

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As the region starts reviving travel, there is a growing consensus the pandemic is an opportunity to fix structural issues that have plagued tourism over the years and rebuild it greener.

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Through big data, the national railway company is able to provide a more people-centric approach to transport.

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Improving the country's road network is also expected to boost economic development along the Greater Mekong Subregion.

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