Building Climate Resilience in Road Development: Strategies and Innovations

Organizers: Asian Development Bank
Date and time
04 April 2024
02:00 pm - 03:30 pm GMT+8 / Manila Time

Green roads event banner.

Traditional road construction methods often exacerbate vulnerabilities to climate change, leading to increased risks of flooding, erosion, and infrastructure damage. In response to these challenges, a shift toward incorporating climate resilience into road development is gaining momentum.

The Building Climate Resilience in Road Development: Strategies and Innovations webinar is part of the Green Roads Webinar Series. It will discuss the climate resilience dimension of green roads as outlined in the newly developed ADB Green Roads Toolkit. Attendees will be introduced to innovative strategies and best practices designed to fortify road networks against the impacts of climate change. There will be detailed presentations on exemplary practices, including insights into their successful implementation, efficiency in cost and resources, and the broad benefits they deliver.

The resource speaker is Gordon Rex Keller, a civil and geotechnical engineer who has worked with the United States Forest Service for more than 40 years. He is currently a consultant and has worked with various agencies and universities.  He has published papers on geotechnical and geologic engineering and manuals on minimum impact low-volume roads engineering best practices and storm damage risk reduction.