Southeast Asian Countries Need to Leverage Open Source to Improve Service Delivery


While the pandemic has accelerated Southeast Asian governments' digital transformation, they should take a step further and adopt open source solutions to improve service delivery, said experts during the Asian Development Bank's (ADB) Southeast Asia Development Symposium (SEADS) 2021.

During the panel, "Open Source and Government Digital Transformation Perfect Storm of Opportunity," experts examined how open-source software can reduce costs, speed up service delivery, and improve access.

The session was co-organized by ADB and Amazon Web Services Institute.


  • Caroline Mulligan, Senior Manager Government Services, Amazon Web Services
  • Warren Smith, Program Director, Global Digital Marketplace, Government Digital Services, UK
  • Moderator: Monique Viengkhou, Lead, Asia Pacific and Japan, Amazon Web Services Institute

SEADS aims to help crystallize thinking on relevant and critical issues in the region, and support countries in becoming prosperous, knowledge-based, and sustainable. SEADS 2021, Innovation through Collaboration: Planning for an Inclusive Post-COVID-19 Recovery, was held on 17–18 March.