Trade and industry

This annual flagship report from ADB provides key economic, financial, social, and environmental data as well as select indicators for the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

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This book explores how industrial robots, automation, and AI affect international growth, trade, productivity, employment, wages, and welfare.

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This report looks at the region's economic outlook for 2022 and assesses risks facing countries. 

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Making sure they have predictable policies is seen to ease investors' concerns amid global uncertainties.

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This report examines the economic outlook of developing Asia amid global turbulence and lingering effects of the pandemic.

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The trade-dependent economies of Southeast Asia are forecast to grow collectively by 4.9% this year and 5.2% in 2023.

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Tighter interest rates, widespread unemployment, weak investment prospects, emerging variants, and higher inflation among challenges facing countries.

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Uneven benefits from tariff concessions seen for member states but still advantageous overall.

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This report gives an overview of the initiatives and approaches of Asia-Pacific economies toward preferential trade agreements, including recent trends and developments.

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So far, six member states and four non-ASEAN signatory states have ratified the agreement.

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