A project to pilot a smart solid waste management system together with smart financial management solutions is on top of the agenda to address the city's needs.

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Technology can be used to accelerate progress toward a greener and more resilient future.

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This report looks at the region's economic outlook for 2022 and assesses risks facing countries. 

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This report proposes reforms in five key sectors to support the region's COVID-19 economic recovery and drive sustainable, broad-based growth.

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The 6-year tourism development plan will ensure the visitor experience is richer, deeper, more authentic, more competitive, and more Filipino.

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A recovery that is sustainable and empowers women and other vulnerable groups is vital for Southeast Asia.

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The pandemic is an opportunity to rebuild and reimagine tourism and cities so they are more sustainable, inclusive, and less susceptible to shocks.

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Governments must prioritize fiscal spending that supports green recovery and invest in long-term low-carbon solutions, rather than short-term unsustainable expenditures on subsidizing fossil fuels.

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Taking a green growth path is key to the region's exit strategy from the pandemic.

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This paper from ADB Institute examines how ocean tourism and economic development intertwine in archipelagic nations, examining national statistical data on tourism and economic development in the Philippines over the last several years.

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