Climate change

Accelerating EV adoption is expected to help decarbonize the transport sector as well as attract investments.

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Advancing a sustainable blue economy entails developing a globally recognized taxonomy, attracting much-needed private capital into blue projects, and generating a healthy project pipeline.

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An ecosystem-based approach provides a low-cost way of avoiding more than $60 million in damages annually.

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Prioritizing "heartware" alongside hardware and software associated with technology is key in the local government's livable city plan.

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Report sees green growth opportunities in productive and regenerative agriculture, sustainable urban development and transport models, and renewable energy, among others.

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Coastal and marine tourism is under threat from over-extraction, environmental degradation, climate change and other sources, including consumer behavior, warns Wouter Schalken, senior sustainable tourism specialist at ADB.

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The country's carbon tax initiative is a remarkable stepping stone but may not be enough, writes Petra Christi, a business analyst at Climateworks Centre.

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Encouraging staff to eat more sustainably, switching to LED lights, and using more environment-friendly printers are just among the simple ways companies can become greener.

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This report analyzes the positive and negative impacts of shifting to electric vehicles from internal combustion engines vehicles.

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As the world confronts three planetary crises—climate change, nature and biodiversity loss, and pollution and waste—choosing a future that is green and sustainable has become urgent.

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