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With economic revival as the central agenda of governments in the wake of the pandemic, participation in global and regional value chains has never been more important as it fosters efficiency and competitiveness.

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The fund will leverage UK and ADB funds to accelerate a pipeline of low-carbon and climate-resilient infrastructure projects and catalyze financing from public and private capital sources.

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Prioritizing "heartware" alongside hardware and software associated with technology is key in the local government's livable city plan.

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Report sees green growth opportunities in productive and regenerative agriculture, sustainable urban development and transport models, and renewable energy, among others.

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Local government leaders flex political muscle as they lean on technology and tap green financing and other innovative approaches to bolster resilience against climate change and other disruptions.

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The industry should look beyond economic aspects, writes Kevin Phun, director at the Centre for Responsible Tourism.

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While many Southeast Asian nations have aggressively shifted into the digital economy, when it comes to education, the advances are not reaching all places and groups at the same rate.

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Health ministers agree to work toward mutual recognition of COVID-19 vaccination certificates in the region.

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Gender cannot be an afterthought if we want livable, inclusive cities, says Catherine Grant, gender equality and social inclusion expert at Ramboll.

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An ASEAN policy brief provides immediate and long-term strategies to recover learning losses and make schools more resilient to shocks.

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