SEADS 2023 Thematic Session

Digital Innovation to Advance a Net-Zero Future

Organizers: Asian Development Bank and Tech for Good Institute
30 March • 14:00 – 15:30 GMT+8/ Bali Local Time



  • Welcome Remarks: Thomas Abell, Chief, Digital Technology for Development, ADB
  • Setiaji Setiaji, Chief, Digital Transformation Office, Ministry of Health, Indonesia 
  • Benjamin Koetz, Head of Sustainable Initiatives Office, Earth Observation Directorate, European Space Agency
  • Ming Tan, Founding Executive Director, Tech for Good Institute   
  • Emily Ng, Head of Majors Accounts for Asia, Zoom  
  • Adrienne Heinrich, Head of AI and Innovation Center of Excellence, Aboitiz Data Innovation   
  • Closing Presentation: Marc Lepage, Principal IT Specialist (Technology Innovation), ADB
  • Moderator: Akito Tanaka, Senior Staff Writer and Chief Business News Correspondent, Nikkei Asia
  • Master of Ceremonies: Arndt Husar, Senior Public Management Specialist (Digital Transformation), ADB


Rapid digitalization has transformed lives, organizations, and economies. But what role does digitalization play in advancing net-zero goals? This session will highlight technologies that power transformation and offer the potential to achieve net zero. Panelists will identify innovations that have been game-changers for people, organizations, and economies.


“Advancing a net-zero future” encapsulates a key strategic objective that leaders around the world are grappling with: How to leverage technological innovation to reduce emissions, make climate-smart investments, promote the adoption of carbon-neutrality, and incentivize net-zero behaviors among populations.

Available and emerging technologies are enabling efficiencies that drive decarbonization. Digital innovations are changing consumption patterns and lifestyle habits. Digitalization, across industry sectors, has transformed business models and ways of working. The World Economic Forum finds that if brought to scale, digital technologies could reduce emissions by 20% by 2050 in three highest-emitting sectors: energy, materials, and mobility.” 

Panelists will provide examples of breakthrough innovations that have had positive impacts on their organizations and communities.  


Panelists will share their perspectives on the role of digital innovations in the ambitious net-zero agenda. They will look at initiatives and ideas from within their respective organizations, as well as promising digital innovations from entrepreneurs and researchers that have yet to find widespread adoption and scale.

The panelists will provide a picture of whether digital innovation can indeed be a key enabler of decarbonization efforts. They will also examine the challenges that must be addressed to achieve a net-zero future.



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