The Gamechangers I Critical Reflections: The Global Antimicrobial Resistance Response

16 September 2021

05:00 PM - 06:00 PM KST


There is real and growing concern that global action to address drug-resistant infections is not happening at the scale and urgency needed.

Are we gambling away the bedrock of modern medicine and putting the world at serious risk of a post-antibiotic era? Is access to life-saving drugs being jeopardized through excessive misuse, unenforceable policies, and a failure to effectively communicate the risk of antimicrobial resistance (AMR) to decision makers and society at large?

The Regional AMR Data Analysis for Advocacy, Response, and Policy (RADAAR) Consortium organized The Gamechangers, a series of six AMR policy webinars, which are  part of a wider critical reflection and engagement initiative to influence contemporary AMR policy by strategically leveraging data to answer five key questions:

  1. “Where are we today?”
  2. “Where do we need to go?”
  3. “How do we get there?”
  4. “What works?”
  5. “What’s it going to cost?”

The webinars will feature leading scientists, economists, policy experts, activists, and the private sector.

A wide range of AMR policy topics will be covered in depth, including prevention and control strategies, new surveillance methods and technologies, such as whole genome sequencing, linking the technical and social dimensions of AMR, and the potential of artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms. 

The experts and thought-leaders featured in the webinar will offer new insights and raise provocative questions toward inspiring bold and creative approaches for stopping the emergence and spread of drug-resistant infections.

The first webinar, "Critical Reflections: The Global AMR Response", will feature Lord Jim O’Neill, former chair of the AMR Review, as the inaugural speaker, while International Vaccine Institute Director General Dr. Jerome Kim will provide opening remarks.


  • Series Introduction: Satyajit Sarkar, International Vaccine Institute  
  • Welcome and Opening Remarks: Dr. Jerome Kim, International Vaccine Institute 
  • Inaugural Address: Lord Jim O’Neill, formerly Chair of the AMR Review 
  • Moderat Dr. Catrin Moore, the GRAM Project, Oxford University, UK

Biographies of all speakers, discussants, and moderators can be found here.