Asean Policy Network Event Reports

The ASEAN Policy Network, an initiative under the Southeast Asia Department (SERD) of the Asian Development Bank, hosts two webinar series: the SERD Policy Talk (SPOT) and Learnings for Economic and Policy Analysis (LEAP). SPOT features conversations on new ideas and developments beyond office walls. It encourages active interaction among the participants and ignites debate from varied perspectives and approaches. LEAP features topics to strengthen the economic and policy analysis skills of SERD staff in preparing research and project documents. It encourages discussion and sharing on the latest developments in the region and the participants' country experiences and perspectives.

Agro-processing cover photo

This report is based on a webinar that discussed the role of the public and private sectors in reinvigorating the agro-processing industry in Southeast Asia.

Reshaping Cities in Post-COVID-19 World

This report is based on a webinar that examined the challenges faced by cities in responding to the COVID-19 pandemic. It also highlights policy actions stakeholders need to adopt to make cities more resilient.

Managing Debt Sustainability Risks

This report is based on a webinar that examined how the COVID-19 pandemic has heightened debt vulnerability in the region and how ADB can help countries keep their debts sustainable despite the need to support COVID-19-related spending priorities.